Passionate volunteers drive this whole effort. The team consists of experienced instrumentalists, composers and arrangers, classical performers, connoisseurs, all driven by the pure love for music. See the team here volunteers have been performing in the Seattle and Portland area since 1999 raising money for many charities over the years. They have also been posting videos with educational notes online on our facebook page since 2015.


We have passionate people at with a long history of pursuit of cultural advancement, programs and fundraising for charities.

Mahesh Mudigonda – Portland OR: Founder, e-Learning Blog Editor. Mahesh Mudigonda has had formal training in Mridangam and is largely self-taught on violin, keyboard and vocals. He enjoys playing keyboard for light music and Mridangam for the Carnatic setting. Mahesh creates his own music under the name for TV and documentaries. Pursuing his other passion, electronics he has also runs a product company, making gadgets for instruction and performance of Indian Classical music. His other interest is languages.

Prathap Pasuparthi – Portland, OR: Treasurer – is a technology evangelist who is passionate about any creative assignment. He is a professional photographer and an avid listener of music and comes from a deep musical family background. He is more drawn towards percussion and loves experimenting with different percussion instruments. He’s worked for many non profit organizations previously and also led the Delaware chapter for Asha for Education while at school. Also, at school he started a creative arts group, Bhavika which brought together the students who loved music, dance, sound mixing, and photography. In fact, he named his daughter after this very group! Professionally, he is a data scientist mining big data and building strategy and Analytic models for IBM finance and in his free time he loves biking, watching cricket, and researching into newer adventurous things to do in life!

Prasad Dharmala – Portland, OR: Board Memeber – is a software guru and has long experience driving social effort in the Portland telugu community. He has been the president of the GPTA (Greater Portland Telugu Association). He writes wonderfully and contributes to lot of cultural activities in town.

Hari Subramanian – Portland, OR: Cultural Secretary – is an enthusiast wanting to make things better for the challenged. He was a part of his school’s singing troupe. He is musically-inclined, more so in the bathroom nowadays, and is keen on using music to help. He is long-involved with the organization Smt Rajeshwari Radhakrishnan Charitable Trust in India that helps with the education of visually impaired children from remote villages. He loves putting technology to use for the same cause – his i-Bran (Electronic Braille display) project continues to be enhanced by his college faculty and juniors. When he is not doing any of this, he is likely hiking, playing cricket/badminton/racquetball, or directing electrons at work.

Anusha Mudigonda – Portland OR: Co-Founder and Youth Coordinator – Anusha Mudigonda is currently a junior at Westview High School. She pursues her passions of dance and muswith Guru Sivagami Vanka, and Guru Ganesh Rajagopalan. She has also competed at the America Telugu Association (ATA) convention in Chicago, where she won 1st place for classical dance in the intermediate age group. She is an active participant in her school’s choir and sings with a student led All Girl Acapella group. She also enjoys listening to music, drawing, baking, and reading.

Ramesh Nagul – Portland OR: Member – Ramesh is the founding member of Tarana since its inception in 1997. He has been singing since he was 10 and is an ardent fan and self-proclaimed disciple of Kishore Kumar and SPB. While enjoying all genres of music, Ramesh loves uplifting, rocking numbers more. Among the new generation of singers, Ramesh has developed special liking for the soulful voice of Krishna Kumar, famously known as KK. Loving father of two wonderful kids, geek at heart, Ramesh loves his gadgets and is always ranting and raving about the next big technology wave.

Vinod Natarajan – Portland OR: Member – Vinod is a talented young singer who finds his passion in anything that relates to music. His first love is Carnatic Classical Music, in which he is professionally trained for many years. He has given many public performances and aspires to conquer new heights. He was instrumental in creating a music band in Bangalore and performed in many shows for few years. Old Hindi, Tamil and Kannada songs are his favorites and he is a big fan of ARR. He has also coordinated many large scale cultural events and is always keen to do more. He is employed with Intel as a Software Engineer.

Dr Shashi Srinivasan – Salem OR: Member – is blessed to be born into a family of artists in Chennai. His mom is a Carnatic vocalist and a Veena player while his dad is an actor and writer. Shashi is classically trained in Mridangam and regularly accompanies local and foreign artists from India for Carnatic performances. Shashi is able to play many percussion instruments in addition to keyboard, Veena and Flute. Apart from his interest in music, he paints and sketches. Shashi sincerely believes that to bring happiness to people through music is a special gift and a privilege. In his spare time he loves to discuss music and play tennis with his family.

Malavi Mudigonda – Portland OR: Member – Malavi Mudigonda comes from a musical family and learnt Carnatic music from her mother Guru Naadasudha Smt. Sakuntala Chunduru. She holds a Diploma in Carnatic music. She has been teaching music for over 25 years and is currently running eSwara School of Arts here in Portland teaching carnatic classical music. She has performed live on countless occasions in US and India presenting film, devotional and classical music. She co-creates and lends her voice to original music under the name

Pranav Kandula – Redmond WA: Seattle Chapter Co-ordinator – Pranav is a keyboard-ist and leads the eSwara Seattle show year after year raising funds for Sankara Eye Foundation. He works for Microsoft and is an religious follower of cricket matches around the world and round the clock.

K.V.Ramaprasad – SanJose CA: eLearning Blog Editor – Hard to describe, but in his own words, Ramaprasad is a ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ, BMKphile, Musicphile, Bibliophile, Astrophile, Blogophile, Twitterphile.

Sanjeev Palamand – SanJose CA: eLearning Blog Editor

Akshay Vijaykumar – SanJose CA: eLearning Blog Editor

Abhishek Vinuth – Adelaide Australia: eLearning Blog Editor

Madhwesh Madhwa – Bengaluru India: eLearning Blog Editor